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We at VPS produces and supplies extensively original replacement parts for your installations and helps to maintain the production upshots. VPS parts are all genuine and reliable with high standards of quality readily available from the stock.

Consultation in the selection of spare parts
Start-up kits for new industrial cleaning systems
Custom-made individual spare parts
Original replacement and spare parts
Fast worldwide delivery
Guaranteed spare parts
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Inspection, Maintenance and Service Contracts for your cleaning equipment
Regular maintenance of your cleaning system ensures optimal productivity. As an expert in industrial cleaning technology and a manufacturer of innovative cleaning installations, VPS puts great importance into consulting with its customers – even after purchase.
Ensuring optimal operations of your cleaning equipment, we offer extensive maintenance and individual service contracts. In this way, you safeguard both the performance and value of your installation.
As an VPS partner, you can take advantage of customized service contracts which are offered AMC. Furthermore, once the contract has been finalized we continue to remain flexible: service extensiveness and contract length can be adapted at any time.
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We designed & supplied Fully Automated Customized Ultrasonic Coating Machine, which when coated on a Textile Fabric, instantaneously KILLs COVID Virus.
VPS Technology is proud to offer a Timely Solution to combat the current National Emergency of COVID crisis, to one of our esteemed Bangalore based Start-Up customer. We designed & supplied Fully Automated Customized Ultrasonic Coating Machine, which when coated on a Textile Fabric, instantaneously KILLs COVID Virus. Our Customer – led by IIT Double graduate, owns the patent for this Coating Technology, which can be applied on any Textile Fabric, that is then used to make Daily-use Dress materials, Medical PPE, Gloves, Overcoats, Bedsheets, Curtains, Sports-wear etc. This Make-in-India/Bangalore Technology is a BOON for fighting COVID ill-effects, thereby offering much needed solace and safety for our fellow citizen. Proud to be a small but timely & meaningful contribution to the Nation. Our Customer is working tirelessly to come-out with Many More such contemporary New-Tech products, slated for early release.
The new VPS Service log App enables customers to raise service requests for their specific cleaning machine(s) to customer service at just one tap, totally hassle-free. Whether it is for VPS parts cleaning systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems or parts washing solutions from – with the VPS Service App. This user-friendly App serves as the fastest and direct contact to the EcoClean Service Centre. Now track your log requests, enquire about requirements, maintenance and training all in one App. Communicate with our skilled team faster with a live chat option.
Barrel Planting Plant, ideal for small parts that is difficult to handle with high capacity and option of Automatic Loading and Unloading.
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