Vapor degreaser

VPS offers vapor degreasing products & solutions are computative & affordable to own and use.

Innovative, next-gen, and offers a simpler alternative to other industrial cleaning processes. As a leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning solvents, you can expect that our machines with effective clean for variety of parts to the industry segments to remove the contaminants on your parts.
The Plating plants involves great engineering philosophy, advanced technology, process oriented assembly & end-to-end turnkey solutions with complete setup.

- Aircraft Components Alloys, - Bearings - Composites Military Hardware - Optics .. many others
VPS Best Technology offers the highest quality vapor degreasing machines in industry.
In almost any industry where precision cleaning is paramount to the manufactured parts, vapor degreasing can be found. It is common in the automotive, aviation and aerospace, medical device manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing, and electronic assembly industries.

Vapor-degreasing machine uses solvent vapors to cleanse and remove contaminants from parts.

VPS eExcellence in optimized automoted Vapor Degreasers for superior cleaning results,
VPS supplied high quality tailor made solutions for all the industiress