VPS offers end-to-end automated solutions for various electroplating processes starting from plating process selection to plating chemicals & investment-oriented automation solutions.

With our proven technology for various applications, we have successfully & satisfactorily installed our solutions to major sectors like
- Aerospace, Defense, Space, Automobile-Forging, Sheetmetal, Plastics, Electronics – PCB, Sensors etc.
- Electrical : Reel-Reel plating, Connectors, Anode/Cathodes etc.
- Hardware - Aluminum & Steel industries for tubes, wire rod, Aluminum sections, Nails, Fasteners, Nuts,
- Hand tools, door handles, fittings, bathroom fixtures/fittings, consumables etc. Others like jewelry, ophthalmic hard coatings
- Decorative/consumer industry like Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.

VPS Excellence in Nickel Plating Systems
VPS is building Nickel plating systems with experienced technicians, most precautions at every assembling phase & minimized exposure while testing and prove-out operations.

Decorative Nickle Plating

Decorative Nickel-Chromium Plating

Plating on Plastics Materials

VPS Excellence in Zinc Flake Coating Machines
VPS Latest developments of Zinc alloy plating solutions provides extremely high corrosion resistance to the deposited coating which even surpass the service life of traditional Nickel Chrome deposits.
Zinc Flake coating is used for coating of fasteners like bolts, nails, screws, clamps etc.

VPS Excellence in Anodizing Chemicals & Turn-key Projects
VPS anodizing solutions offers greater corrosion protection and resistance to wear in extreme environments, every technology advancement has been well appreciated by industries in india as well of globally recognized manufacturing Industires.

Hard Anodize for Aerospace Components & Precision Machined Components

Sulfuric Acid Anodizing for Optical & Opthalmic

Electrolytic 2-Step Anodizing for Medical Parts
VPS Excellence in Phosphating Solutions
VPS offers a large range of high quality tailor made Phosphating Solutions for ferrous metals